Swiss companies were among those that dragged their heels over providing client data as required by Swiss Data Protection Act. 

According to an analysis of 10,000 requests by paper SonntagsZeitung, only five of 59 multinationals contacted readily provided data they held on clients. The others refused, kept postponing, or let the 30-day deadline pass without reply, says the article published on Sunday. Among the Swiss firms in this category include Swiss International Airlines, as well as Swatch and Richemont watch groups.

The requests for information were made via an app called One Thing Less that enables users to send a list of seven questionsexternal link to 59 companiesexternal link regarding use of their personal data. Swiss International Airlines refused to accept questions via the app and demanded a signed power of attorney letter and a copy of an identity document to entertain requests. The Swatch group only responded when contacted directly by the paper. The excuse given was that it needed questions on client data to be more specific, such as naming the subsidiary concerned.


De-mystifying GDPR for Swiss corporations

David Kemp - HPE

Real challenges of GDPR – Expert interview with David Kemp

By continuing profession a lawyer, David Kemp is an EMEA Specialist Business Consultant for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Division – creating business outcome solutions in the areas of Information Management and Governance. His delivery is assisted by his unique variety of experience, namely 5 years as external counsel, 10 years in the insurance industry with the Aon Group and Bank of America, 19 years at ABN AMRO Bank / RBS   – as Corporate Banker and Legal / Compliance Manager, and 6 years with HPE.

David Kemp, you are the EMEA Specialist Business Consultant for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Division, specialized in the areas of Information Management and Governance. As a lawyer and expert for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) subject, you advise companies on how to comply with this EU regulation and actually benefit from it. The EU regulation applies in Switzerland and other non-EU countries. What is the relevance of this regulation to the Swiss Market and why should Swiss companies care?

The key importance of GDPR is that it applies rules in relation to anyone dealing with the Personal Data of any EU Citizen. As the EU is the largest and nearest trading bloc for Switzerland, hence involving major volumes of business with EU nationals, it is essential that Switzerland adopts a parallel regime of respect for data privacy and protection. If one takes the example of investment banking standards, Switzerland has similarly initiated law which mirrors that of the European Union to ensure a level playing field with EU countries……..

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