GDPR Education

Current level for GDPR education and DPO – Data Protection Officer training is very limited.

GDPR Watchdog is supporting a pan-European project to establish a network of Cybersecurity Schools across the European Union and beyond with the following curriculum:

Cybersecurity Passport™ & GDPR Awareness! – This should be obligatory for all company employees as 93% of data breaches happens due to a human mistake and not hacking!

1 day online course of 20+ online modules and cyber stress test plus how to handle privacy and data subjects under GDPR – EUR 475. Also physical classes offered to companies for groups of min 50 persons – (Yearly update recommended as the treat environment is constantly changing). You will get your personal Cybersecurity Passport™ certificate for 2018 after completing the course. Read more

DPO – Data Protection Officer Certified Masterclass – 5 days online course(aprox. 40-50 hours) covering everything you need to know about how to implement and run GDPR in a company or NGO – EUR 1995

MiniMBA BIG DATA from a business perspective – Big Data, analytics and how to build data useful catalogs plus AI 1.0, Marketing and GDPR – The new way of protecting private data and still boost marketing and sales. We teach you to look at the data holistically for a deeper understanding of your customers and on which platforms to contact them. You will be able to predict their next move and become the “Chief Data Scientist” in your company! (also good as intro to the full MBA as your fee will be deducted 100%).

3 months (about 200+ hours online study) EUR 4500 – finance option: pay EUR 1500 at registration and 3 months of EUR 1000. – The Future of MBA™
Big Data, Analytics, GDPR & VR plus Blockchain Cybersecurity. AI – Artificial Intelligence 2.0 with real business case studies. The perfect mix between academics and daily business.

12 months (about 850+ hours online study) EUR 19500 – finance option: pay EUR 4500 at registration(full credit for your MiniMBA) and 12 months of EUR 1250.

The following domains has been reserved for the project and will soon be online: (.eu)

CybersecurityPassport and MBAcybersecurity are trademarks belonging to the European Cybersecurity School is a member of ECSO – European Cyber Security Organization.

cyber security schoolsEuropean Cybersecurity School offer online degrees in Cybersecurity Fundamentals, GDPR Certified Masterclasses, DPO – Data Protection Officer training, Mini MBA in BIG DATA and Cyber Forensics plus full MBA in Cybersecurity.