GDPR Blacklist ™

Lets Take Privacy Seriously This Time!

GDPR Watchdog is preparing a special domain for consumers to Blacklist companies and organizations which do not comply with the GDPR law!

Just go to – login with your facebook profile or create new login.

Companies and Organizations can subsequently request to be removed from our GDPR Blacklist if the send documentation that they comply with the GDPR and have sent the requested information to the data subject.

Send email to:


There will be kicking, screaming and evasion in the short term but GDPR will become a gold standard in business and that compliance will more than pay for itself. In any case, where’s the harm in being able to show your customers you are an honest actor when it comes to protecting their Privacy! – Jan Vistisen, founder GDPR Watchdog.

Paul Vallée, president and CEO of global IT consulting company, Pythian, said GDPR is a bold move on behalf of the EU, one that holds weight in jurisdictions across the globe.

“What we’re looking at here is actually a really fascinating, like almost at the geo-political level fascinating, demonstration of the EU’s power,” he said. “After much deliberation and in the maturation of a strategy that has been underway for two decades, [they] are basically saying that the way — and it really is the American way — but the way in which big businesses treat data isn’t acceptable to them from a public policy perspective.”